5 Powerful Distributed Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Local Marketing ROI


Gleanster recently surveyed 182 brands with distributed marketing environments to benchmark the key trends and best practices exhibited by Top Performing marketing organizations. Download a complimentary copy of this Deep Dive to learn how the best distributed marketing organizations are fueling local demand for their products and services while gaining visibility into local spend and performance.

Important takeaways:

  • How distributed marketers are overcoming digital marketing challenges
  • Common metrics marketers use to measure the success of their local marketing efforts and their investments in distributed marketing management platforms
  • The role of analytics in distributed marketing platforms; how are distributed marketers measuring their performance and ROI?

Key findings:

  •  74% of Top Performers said “personalization” across all brand communications is a top challenge and area of focus
  • Top Performers don’t prohibit local affiliates from participating in local marketing efforts but empower them in a controlled environment that centralizes data capture and encourages the push of communications through a centralized system
  • 96% of Top Performers currently use or plan to invest in a distributed marketing management platform

Download a complimentary copy of 5 Powerful Distributed Marketing Strategies now.




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Social Media Management for Franchises: How Are Brands Executing at the Local Level?

A recent study shows that marketers are struggling to find the perfect balance between protecting and strengthening their brands through the use of social media at the local level and how involved their franchisees are in managing local pages.

According to the report by BIA/Kelsey, 51% of franchisors are “highly involved” with the social media presence of their local franchise businesses, with many requiring their local franchisees run public dialogue with local customers through their national corporate sites. Another 23% of franchisors are “somewhat involved” in the local social media presence of their franchisees. These franchisors allow their local franchises to use social networks, and they have established and enforced rules and guidelines regarding franchisee messaging and activity levels to ensure a consistent local brand conversation.

Would your national brand benefit from having individual local social media pages for each of your locations? And if so, whose responsibility should it be to manage those local pages and conversations? How can you make sure your brand is delivered consistently?

All franchisees and owner-operators believe their local markets are different, and in fact, they often are. Urban or suburban, varying demographics or socio-economic statuses; if your franchise locations are so different that you allow variation in products, price, promotions and other in-store marketing, it may be more beneficial not only to fans and followers, but your bottom line, to entrust franchisees to take an active role in managing their local presence.

Social media offers a way for franchisees to help build brand awareness on a local level, and if executed well, can only mean good things for your national brand. The question remains for national brands, is there a way to ensure franchisees are effective on social channels without being too heavily involved or worrying about how they are representing the brand? It is a delicate balancing act and may require a shift in thinking about social media within your company. However, by establishing guidelines for franchisees to follow, educating them on best practices and providing the right tools, they can drive fans and followers to your brand and fuel “authentic” conversations.

Social media management tools offer a great way for franchisors to rest easy knowing their brand identity is being protected and provides marketers greater insight into what’s being done at the local level. It can also help keep local franchisees happy by empowering them with the ability to contribute.

With social media management for franchises, local franchisees can access a library of brand-approved templates and content to create social media profiles and schedule posts in advance. They can also opt-in to corporate-provided content streams, or even have the ability to create their own posts. Social media management tools help to streamline the amount of time franchisees spend managing their local pages, while still maintaining the corporate brand and ensuring content is fresh and current.

Would social media management tools benefit your business? Learn more or contact us today.

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New Study Explores the Local Marketing Automation Technology Landscape

Download Now

Managing multi-channel communications is challenging enough for marketing organizations. But if your company’s marketing team supports a network of dealers, sales reps, branches, agents, franchisees, independent retailers, etc., you know it’s exponentially harder to manage brand consistency and the customer experience in this distributed marketing environment.

Local marketing automation is an emerging class of technology that makes it easy for corporate marketers to maintain brand consistency as well as give their local affiliates freedom and flexibility in communications to their local target audience.

The defining characteristic of local marketing automation technology is the ability to uniquely support an environment with a centralized corporate marketing function and a network of regional or localized businesses with their own local targeted audiences. Through local marketing automation, you can control brand consistency and multi-channel messaging at a local level.

While many marketers invest in local marketing automation platforms to drive down operational expenses and achieve better brand consistency, Gleanster found that the top performing companies using local marketing automaton reported a 300% or more increase in revenue growth within the first 12 months of investing in the technology. Proving, local marketing automation is often a win-win for the top and bottom lines in most organizations.

Important takeaways:

  • What makes local marketing automation platforms different from other traditional campaign execution tools
  • Deep dive on the landscape of local marketing technologies available for distributed marketers
  • Nuances of campaign management, email marketing, marketing automation and digital asset management  in distributed marketing environments
  • How to justify your investment in local marketing automation software
  • Gleanster’s recommendations for local marketing automation

Key findings:

  • Top Performers are 9x more likely to leverage local marketing automation tools
  • Top Performers using local marketing automation technology reported 300% or more increases in revenue growth within the first 12 months of investing in the technology
  • 76% of Top Performers indicated divesting of legacy processes was one of two top challenges with investing in local marketing automation

Download the full local marketing automation whitepaper now.

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Brandmuscle Named to Inc. Magazine’s 500|5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Leading Provider of Distributed Marketing Management Solutions is Named to Inc. 500|5000 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Chicago (August 27, 2013) Brandmuscle, a leading provider of distributed marketing management software and services, announced today that it has been named to Inc. Magazine’s 500|5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America list for the fourth consecutive year.

Between 2009 and 2012, Brandmuscle increased revenue by over 50% while creating 156 jobs. Demand continues to rise for the company’s distributed marketing solutions that provide global and national brands with the ability to address all their local marketing needs; from local media planning and ad customization, to the delivery, fulfillment and financial management aspects of their local advertising. Brandmuscle achieved record-breaking new client growth in the first half of 2013, welcoming fifteen major national and international brands to its client roster.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized by Inc. Magazine alongside some of the most successful companies in America,” said Philip Alexander, Brandmuscle CEO. “The fact that we continue to share in these types of achievements year after year is a direct result of the team we’ve built at Brandmuscle. The passion our employees have about the health of our business, their appetite for innovation, and desire to exceed our clients’ expectations are the primary keys to our success.”

Complete results of the Inc. 500|5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region and other criteria, can be found at http://www.inc.com/inc5000/list/2013.

About Brandmuscle
Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing as a revenue driver by giving local affiliates of global and national brands user-friendly customized solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build local marketing programs that both advance the brands, and flexibly address the needs of local markets. For more information about Brandmuscle call (866) 464-4342 or visit www.brandmuscle.com.

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Jeff Hoffman, Founding Member of Priceline.com Joins Brandmuscle’s Board of Directors

Accomplished Innovator and Entrepreneur Brings Extensive Global Technology and Marketing Leadership to Distributed Marketing Management Solution Provider’s Board of Directors

Chicago (June 27, 2013) Brandmuscle, a leading provider of online distributed marketing management solutions, today announced the appointment of Jeff Hoffman to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Hoffman is currently a founder and partner in ColorJar, LLC and has served as a founding member and CEO in a number of startups and high-growth technology companies, including Priceline.com; Enable Holdings, Inc. (operating online sites uBid.com and RedTag.com); CTI (acquired by American Express in 1992); Virtual Shopping Inc. (acquired by Wallenberg Group in 1996) and Black Sky Entertainment.

Hoffman is on the international advisory boards of Global Entrepreneurship Week (the Kauffman Foundation), the APEC Startup Initiative (21 member nations), JumpStart, and the US State Department’s GIST program (Global Innovation through Science and Technology).

“Jeff brings tremendous experience to the board, having successfully built and led a series of high-growth technology companies,” said Philip Alexander, Brandmuscle CEO. “We are pleased to welcome Jeff to the board and look forward to him playing an active role in the next chapter of Brandmuscle’s growth.”

“Brandmuscle has emerged as the unequivocal leader in distributed marketing management; helping global and national brands leverage the value of local marketing like never before,” Hoffman said. “I am honored to join the board of directors at such an exciting time and I am pleased to be involved in the company’s next phase of growth.”

Hoffman recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization and was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the National CEO Council. He received the 2012 Champion of Entrepreneurship Award from Rising Tide Capital and JP Morgan Chase and has twice been honored as one of the 25 Most Influential Executives in Travel and Tourism Worldwide.

Hoffman received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Yale University.

About Brandmuscle

Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing as a revenue driver by giving local affiliates of global and national brands user-friendly customized solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build local communications programs that both advance the brands and flexibly address the needs of local markets. For more information about Brandmuscle call (866) 464-4342 or visit www.brandmuscle.com.

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Brandmuscle Reports Record New Client Growth in First Quarter of 2013

Launch of Integrated Local Marketing Platform Results in Strong Growth for Brandmuscle

 Chicago (May 7, 2013) Brandmuscle, a leading provider of technology-enabled local marketing solutions, announced today that the company added eight major national and international brands to its client roster in the first quarter. Brandmuscle’s new client growth is being fueled by a strong demand for turnkey integrated marketing solutions that provide global and national brands with the ability to address all their local marketing needs; from local media planning and ad customization, to the delivery, fulfillment and financial management aspects of their local advertising.

New clients include global and international pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, document management, and manufacturing companies, a leading Canadian retail pharmacy chain and two non-profit organizations, one with world-wide operations.

Earlier this year Brandmuscle announced the launch of the first end-to-end distributed marketing management solution, which combines user-friendly Web-based tools for customizing brand-approved traditional and digital media, high-touch and personalized customer support, and instant reimbursement to local affiliate, franchise and distributor partners. Industry analysts estimate the distributed marketing management software market to be valued at approximately $2 Billion.

“As marketing becomes more local, social and fragmented, brands face unique challenges that can only be overcome with investment in their technology infrastructure. Today’s marketing organization needs to do more with less and as evidenced by our exceptional new client growth in the first quarter, they are increasingly turning to Brandmuscle for the tools they need to drive demand at the local level,” states Philip Alexander, Brandmuscle CEO. “Last year Gartner predicted companies that focus on integrated processes for local marketing enablement will increase revenue by 15 to 20%. Owning the local decision point has never been more imperative for brands.”

Other key highlights of Brandmuscle’s first quarter include:

  • Integration of Brandmuscle’s ad builder technology platform with the company’s fulfillment and co-op platforms.
  • Launch of a social media marketing application that allows marketers to facilitate and automate the delivery of brand-approved content across local affiliate Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Partnership with WineQuest to launch a digital menu application for iPads and Android tablets, enabling clients in the restaurant and wine and spirits categories to drive measurably more product sales at the local point-of-purchase.
  • Expansion of the company’s digital delivery team to support increased demand for digital marketing.

About Brandmuscle

Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing as a revenue driver by giving local affiliates of global and national brands user-friendly customized solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build local communications programs that both advance the brands and flexibly address the needs of local markets. For more information about Brandmuscle call (866) 464-4342 or visit www.brandmuscle.com.

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Brandmuscle Launches Digital Menus for iPads and Android Tablets

Partnership with WineQuest assures best in class technology and content

Chicago (February 26, 2013) Brandmuscle announced today the launch of digital menus for iPads and Android tablets. An extension of the company’s local marketing platform, the application allows restaurateurs to create customized, interactive digital menus that can be browsed tableside by customers and waitstaff to confidently make wine and beverage selections and submit orders.

Easy to use administrative tools allow restaurant managers to customize the look and feel of the menu, arrange the order in which items are displayed and add meals for food pairings. Managers can also update pricing, add or delete SKU’s and access dashboards to manage inventory and track product sales.

Brandmuscle partnered with WineQuest, the leading provider of Wine Menu Management solutions in North America to develop the application, tapping into WineQuest’s propriety beverage database that contains information on over 177,000 wines, beers and spirits including label data, images, product facts, tasting notes, winemaker stories and unique flavor profiles.

“We are excited to partner with brandmuscle on this new digital menu system,” said WineQuest’s managing partner, Jim Lawless. “The unique combination of our wine expertise and brandmuscle’s menu development experience will set a new standard for beverage service in the digital era.”

“With the convergence of digital media and local marketing, this was a very logical extension of our business,” adds Dave Wilson, brandmuscle’s President Beverage Alcohol. “Restaurateurs want to deliver a unique experience for their guests and offering their customers more information on wine and or wine and food parings, allows them to do it. This is also true for spirits and beer. Tablets provide an outstanding delivery mechanism at the table and we’re developing complementary mobile applications as well. For over a decade brandmuscle has delivered industry leading technology solutions to empower our clients to more effectively and efficiently execute their local marketing efforts. We are very excited to introduce these new digital technologies and through our partnership with WineQuest, I am confident our digital menu application for tablet devices will be very well-received in the marketplace.”

About WineQuest, LLC

WineQuest, LLC provides Wine Menu Management solutions for restaurants, hotels, distributors, and producers to help them understand, manage and sell wine more effectively to their customers.  New to the company is WineQuest Mobile, an iPhone app that helps consumers find wines that match their unique flavor preferences. It can be downloaded in the Apple App Store under ‘WineQuest’.  For more information about WineQuest call (707) 255-8333 or visit www.winequest.com.

About brandmuscle

Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing as a revenue driver by giving local affiliates of global and national brands user-friendly customized solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build local communications programs that both advance the brands and flexibly address the needs of local markets. The result is a powerful new way to grow sales at multiple local touch points. For more information about brandmuscle call (866) 464-4342 or visit www.brandmuscle.com.

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Brandmuscle Reinvents Local Marketing

Global Brands Can Now Own Local Marketing and Increase ROI Without Compromising Brand Equity

Chicago (January 14, 2013) Brandmuscle today announced the launch of the first-ever, end-to-end solution that enables national and global brands to seamlessly empower their local affiliates, franchisees and distributors to tailor brand marketing to meet local needs. Brands can now produce messages for local timing, tastes and other provincial differences, while still maintaining their consistency and brand standards. By providing a comprehensive system of user-friendly customizable communication tools, high-touch and personalized customer support, and instant reimbursement to affiliate, franchise and distributor partners, brandmuscle has reinvented local marketing.

“Brandmuscle offers global brands a powerful new way to grow sales at multiple local touch points,” said John Larkin, brandmuscle CEO. “By combining the fundamentals of creating local marketing programs, executing them, and managing the back-end fulfillment under one roof, corporate marketers now have a real opportunity to utilize local marketing as a strategic weapon to generate a greater marketing ROI than ever before,” he said.

Brandmuscle offers local distributors, franchisees and other brand affiliates the powerful combination of: a user-friendly local marketing platform for customizing traditional and digital media; campaign and execution tools, including local media planning and buying services; unmatched print-on-demand POP and cross-media capabilities; and industry-leading channel program management and co-op reimbursement offerings.

The company was conceived to alleviate marketing issues faced by large companies struggling to achieve success in their local markets. Although affiliates may ask for brand support, they are typically either reluctant or inefficient at utilizing national resources, which consequently turn corporate support into a cost center. Brandmuscle has identified the challenges that distributed marketers typically face and developed their solutions to overcome them:

  • Many local franchisees are eager to execute local marketing, but often run renegade programs that do not uphold brand equity.
  • Others are receptive to co-op marketing incentives, but don’t have the tools to effectively execute local programs.
  • The largest group doesn’t value investing in meaningful, message-driven marketing.
  • Finally, there are others who simply don’t understand strategic marketing or have access to the support needed to be an effective marketer.

The new brandmuscle offerings overcome these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution that has dedicated support teams, in a simple platform that encourages engagement.

Customers can create differentiate messages across local markets. This increases effective promotion of the brand at the local level and enhances brand compliance, while eliminating the need to work with multiple providers.

Brandmuscle serves its customers through the biggest geographical footprint in its industry, with specialized customer support teams in 80 locations nationwide. A local affiliate can count on brandmuscle’s customer support staff to assist them in using their technology platform to create advertising campaign and marketing materials in multiple mediums – from print to broadcast, POP to social media and digital – and even assist them with media planning and purchasing while keeping brand identity in tact.  

“The talent that comprises brandmuscle has deep expertise in industries ranging from food and beverage, telecom, insurance and more,” said Larkin. “By combining the suite of services that many brands previously outsourced to multiple agencies and adding high-touch customer service in each area, we are poised to help brands move the needle.”

Brandmuscle works with more than 200 national brands and many Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. For a glimpse at some of its clients, please visit: http://www.brandmuscle.com/whowehelp/ourclients.php

About brandmuscle

Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing as a revenue driver by giving local affiliates of global and national brands user-friendly customized solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build local communications programs that both advance the brands and flexibly address the needs of local markets. The result is a powerful new way to grow sales at multiple local touch points. For more information about brandmuscle please visit: www.brandmuscle.com

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Distributed Marketing Management Solves Fundamental Challenges for National Brands That Sell Through Channels

Aberdeen recently surveyed over 400 organizations about Marketing Lead Management practices and found that maintaining brand consistency (56%) and a lack of marketing expertise at the local level (48%) topped the list of challenges for distributed marketers.

• 29% of respondents said economic pressures have influenced collateral spending
• 25% indicate they are unable to get a complete picture of marketing spend across distributed channels
• 27% say managing disparate data silos significantly impacts marketing success

Distributed marketing management systems aren’t a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” for marketers who work through channels (whether local marketers within their own organizations, distribution or reseller partners or franchisees). Distributed marketing management platforms deliver real results that drive revenue, separating companies who clearly define local marketing processes from those lacking global control.

Having the right distributed marketing management solution in place can significantly change the way national brands function with their local counterparts. When affiliates are able to access corporate-approved marketing materials and customize them with local flavor, it’s a win-win for corporate and local teams alike. Corporate is no longer saddled down with custom requests or time-consuming approval processes. All marketing materials and assets can be made available through a centralized portal that allows affiliates to create, download or deliver materials on their own time, whenever needed. Solutions with integrated print on demand or web to print capabilities further streamline workflow, ease of use and help reduce print costs. Best-in-Class distributed marketing management platforms enable affiliates to create cross-channel marketing campaigns using an effective mix of digital and print media. Further, corporate marketers can easily track and analyze data to optimize future marketing programs.

For example, one of the nation’s largest wireless service providers was inundated with requests from local retailers to create and customize ads and local marketing, resulting in production bottlenecks and lengthy turnaround times. These production slowdowns made it increasingly difficult for the client to capitalize on real-time market trends and immediately ward off competitive threats. In addition, the corporate marketing team had little insight into local activity and lacked brand consistency and legal legitimacy at the store-level. This client turned to BrandMuscle to implement a distributed marketing management solution that gave them greater control over the marketing materials and ads produced by retailers while simultaneously empowering them to generate more sales, retain customers, and promote a consistent brand. Today, independently-owned and operated retailers can quickly generate ads, print price cards, and communicate with customers across a wide variety of media channels including email, landing pages and online advertising. The client’s Facebook campaign generated an 89% increase in new visitors to over 400 landing pages that were created using the BrandMuscle solution.

Aberdeen found that Best-in-Class companies are focused on two strategic actions: centralizing and standardizing their distributed marketing operations and supporting branch / local offices in their ability to market with brand and message consistency.

To learn how Best-in-Class companies have optimized distributed marketing management with BrandMuscle, visit us at www.BrandMuscle.com or contact us today to request a personalized demonstration!

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Three BIG Channel Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make and How to Eliminate Them

A top challenge for manufacturers/OEM’s is providing channel partners (dealers, distributors, resellers, retailers) with relevant and compelling ads and marketing content that is easily accessible, customizable and brand-friendly, while balancing the needs of each party. Although many manufacturers provide a “manual” of marketing rules to ensure product messaging is consistent, securing participation, providing the right mix of media options and tracking ROI remains a constant struggle.

Three Common Channel Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make:

1) Providing access to marketing content, but not supporting personalization or co-branding opportunities.

Channel partners and dealers need to connect their brand (not just yours) to their end consumers to drive sales, increase brand recognition and deliver timely local messaging. Allowing channel partners to customize marketing materials by selecting from different headlines, product images and offers helps speak to the needs of consumers in their local markets; using distributed marketing management software allows you to do this while at the same time protecting brand standards and legal requirements.

2) Missing opportunities to generate new business and brand loyalty across traditional and digital media channels.

Most channel partners are working with tight budgets and limited resources. While they realize email, online display advertising, direct mail, video and social media are great, cost-effective ways to drive demand and loyalty, they lack the marketing know-how and resources to effectively use these mediums. Some channel partners may not even have a website. Investing in a distributed marketing management solution that enables channel partners to utilize these mediums can help you achieve far greater return on your co-op marketing investments.

3) Forgetting how important speed and ease of use is.

Many manufacturers provide their channel partners with a number of tools to help with marketing. But they are often disjointed and as a result, not used: one system and workflow for creating print ads; another for sending emails; yet another for accessing co-op funds. A fully integrated distributed marketing management solution offers your channel partners an easy, centralized marketing portal where they can quickly customize and deliver traditional and digital media, order promotional items and even apply co-op funds (if available) to pay for their selections. It also gives you, the corporate marketer, the ability to track usage, monitor performance, and most importantly, measure ROI.

BrandMuscle has turned these marketing challenges and many others into revenue generating opportunities for leading manufacturers like PPG Automotive Refinish, Simonton Windows, Shaw Floors, Bang & Olufsen, Konica Minolta, Steelcase and many others.

Ready to learn more? Visit us on the web at www.BrandMuscle.com or schedule a demonstration.

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Simonton Windows Partners with BrandMuscle to Introduce ProNetwork™

BrandMuscle, together with Simonton Windows, a leader in the window and door industry, is excited to announce the launch of Simonton Ad Builder, an integrated solution that allows dealers to create professionally designed, fully-customizable ads and marketing support materials quickly and easily. Ad Builder functions as a part of Simonton’s ProNetwork™, a dynamic program for contractors, builders and dealers that combines exclusive training, marketing and sales support and rewards. Fortune 500 companies around the globe use BrandMuscle’s all-in-one distributed marketing platform to streamline local marketing across field sales channels to optimize sales and maximize ROI. Click here to read more.

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Google+ Local Pages Replace Google Places Listings. What’s a Local Marketer to Do?

You’ve probably already heard the buzz – Google is converting Google Places into Google+ Local pages. But what the heck does that mean for local marketing?

Google+ Local pages are more dynamic, visually appealing and include a whole host of more “social” features, making this a great opportunity for local businesses to further grow their brand on the web and increase local presence, creating higher potential for SEO.

But, if you’re confused about what you need to do with your current Google Places listing, you’re not alone. For local businesses with existing Google Places listings, they will automatically be converted into Google+ Local pages. According to an article on searchengineland.com, Google’s Marissa Mayer stated that roughly 80 million Google Place pages have already been converted to Google+ Local pages.

Google states: If you are a business owner, you should continue to manage your information in Google Places for Business. You’ll still be able to verify your basic listing data, make updates, and respond to reviews. For those who use AdWords Express, your ads will operate as normal as they’ll automatically redirect people to the destination you selected, or your current listing.

However, Google+ Local pages allow much more dynamic content than Google Places did. Local marketers should jump on this – review your new Google+ Local page to identify if there’s any content, pictures or info that would be beneficial to your followers and help make your page stand out. With this change, Google has now brought search and social full circle. It’s not just another social media page that you need to maintain – it’s the way that your customers will find you AND get reviews from the people they trust in their own Google+ circles.

Check out some of the features below:

1. Users can find new Google+ Local pages by doing a general search on Google.com or in Google Maps, in mobile apps or through a search on Google+.

2. Merchants can send messages directly to followers, similar to how companies connect with followers on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Zagat’s 30-point rating scale will replace Google’s star rankings. Zagat reviews are free and will be integrated across categories. This ensures that scores for food, service and atmosphere are taken into consideration separately, rather than lumping it all together in the star format.

4. Customers will be able to see reviews and recommendations from their friends/family/colleague in their circles, further connecting Google+ features.

5. Google+ Local pages will include Google properties.

Fret not if you don’t already have a Google Place listing! You can create one by simply visiting Google Places for Business to create your free listing. You will need a Google account. Once the listing is set up, it will automatically be converted to the Google+ Local page.

For more information, click here.

Check out an example below!

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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Partners with BrandMuscle to Provide Marketing Support Across Growing Dealer Network

BrandMuscle, in partnership with Konica Minolta Business Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of CampaignBuilder, an innovative, online marketing resource that dealers and resllers can access to quickly develop professional-quality, co-branded advertising and marketing materials. With the launch of CampaignBuilder, Konica Minolta aims to provide the resources its sales channel partners need to gain a competitive advantage, streamline local marketing and help grow their businesses. Using BrandMuscle’s fully-integrated, easy-to-use local marketing platform, many of the nation’s top brands empower their local affiliates and channel partners with the tools and resources they need to optimize sales and maximize ROI. Click here to read more.

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PPG Teams with BrandMuscle to Launch PPG Marketing on Demand

We are pleased to announce our partnership with PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) automotive refinish business to offer a wide range of marketing support services to its collision repair facilities and distributors across North America. The PPG Marketing on Demand web-based tool allows streamlined development of local marketing campaigns that are brand compliant and cost-efficient, saving time and money. Many Fortune 1000 companies across the manufacturing industry use BrandMuscle’s integrated solution to optimize local sales and marketing performance. Click here to read more.


BrandMuscle to Exhibit at American Banker’s 17th Annual Best Practices in Retail Financial Services Symposium

BrandMuscle is looking forward to joining some of the best and brightest financial services marketers at the 17th Annual Best Practices in Retail Financial Services Symposium March 11 – 13 in Boca Raton, Florida to share retail banking best practices and identify new trends that will define industry standards.Financial services marketers face significant challenges today. Communicating your banks brand promise consistently at the local level was tough enough when traditional media was the only option. Today, building trust and loyalty requires communicating with customers one-on-one in new and highly personalized ways using both traditional and digital media.

New regulations and the deleveraging of consumer balance sheets have kept executives within the financial services industry on their toes. While conditions have been challenging for banks in recent years, many are stepping up their games by taking advantage of technological advancements to reinvent the ways they engage with consumers and small businesses, and retooling their branch networks to more actively engage front-line staff in high-value revenue-generating activities.

We’re looking forward to sharing best practices for leveraging local marketing automation technology at the branch-level to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Attending the show ? Stop by and visit us at booth #17.

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